Portfolio ยป Lunds Joinery

Lunds Joinery

A robust website designed to let the client’s projects shine

Web Design | Market Research | Branding


Lunds Joinery needed a site to showcase their rich history, high quality of work, and state-of-the-art technology, as well as the relationships they have with their clients. They also needed a robust Our Team page to show off their team as well as their commitment to apprenticeships.

Lunds had a large number of excellent project photos, so the site needed to show these off by featuring pictures heavily throughout the site. We designed a portfolio page that showcased a featured image for each project to entice visitors to view more information and we created dedicated projects pages with details about each job, and a gallery of photos.

We created an Our Team page that introduced the Lunds team to showcase the talented employees and apprentices.

Part of developing the site included creating a colour palette that complemented the logo and enhanced the brand. We also completed market research to help Lunds Joinery position themselves against competitors online and wrote content for the entire site.

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